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Patrick J. Ryan

Patrick J. Ryan is an executive and life coach, family enterprise coach, leadership trainer, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and founder of Vancouver Coaching. Patrick is internationally recognized for his work as leadership coach,  facilitator, and guide for highly successful people. Patrick specializes in guiding executives, teams, businesses and communities through leadership and advanced coaching programs. He works both one on one as well as coaching teams, supporting people as they face the opportunities and challenges of these demanding times.

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Laura Dauphinee
Executive Assistant

Laura is committed to self development and growth. The work being done here at Vancouver Coaching resonates with her both personally and professionally.

Her past customer service skills and passion for helping others, make her enthusiastic about developing genuine, lasting client relationships, and helping people live their best lives.    


Our Vision at Vancouver Coaching

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Founded by Patrick Ryan, Vancouver Coaching offers executive coaching programs, professional and personal coaching, workshops, and leadership development that support you on your path to success. 

We partner with entrepreneurs, leaders, individuals, organizations, families, and communities to create a conscious, value-based impact, informed by purpose, vision and acted upon through conscious leadership.


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